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Here you will find info and know everything about our team.

  • Smart Developers

    MCrafters team is full of smart developers in most of coding languages

  • Beta Testers

    MCrafters Team have beta testers to insure most of our plugins works well without bugs

  • Graphic Designers

    MCrafters team have graphic designers who design logo,plugin banners etc..

  • Team Work

    MCrafters Team are always working together and helping each other to give out the best they got.


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What people say about us

MCrafters has been around for a long time, and will be for a lot longer.
In fact, without MCrafters I would never have been inspired to start the BoxOfDevs Team! They are always working on some amazing new bit of code .



Founder Of BoxOfDevs

Mcrafters is one of the most motivated and best coders I have ever seen! They're goal is to only satisfy the audience with constant suprises!


Professor Taki

PHP Professor

MCrafters has always been filled with kind, and helpful people! The whole team never stops working, especially if there is a problem needing to be fixed!



PHP Developer

Special Things In our Plugins

Special things in most of our plugins

  • Customizable

    Most of our plugins are customizable so you can customize it to your need

  • User Friendly

    Most of our plugins have user friendly interface.

  • Readable Code

    Most of our plugins code are made to be readable so you can learn from it.

  • Tested

    All of our plugins get tested before having been released on our forums.

  • Special Ideas

    Most of our plugins have special and execlusive features.

  • Special Designs

    Most of our plugins have special designs in colors and text style.

  • Clean Code

    All our plugins code is 100% clear from scam.

  • Full Support

    We provide full support of our plugins at forums with special support ticket system.